Smile dear friends does not cost a thing

Only your mood does need a few wings

More muscles needed in act of frowning

A fewer ones required for simple smiling

Our mind also helps by positive massages

Body in growth mode, eat any of sausages

You can lose nothing as nothing is yours

So keep smiling even in difficulties direst

Better life, health, and company of course

The best life on earth in the smiling course

We don’t bring anything when enter the world

We have to leave as such from the earthly guild

Whatever is happening is good, God once said

In past, present or future; names of time spread

Listen to the video; it is the summary of Gita

Nothing better said then Krishan in Mahabharta


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  1. 1

    Life is not made up of great sacrifice and duty;
    Life is made of little smiles, kind acts and generosity.

    • 2

      Rightly said as a senior
      Little smiles are junior
      Great sacrifice and duty
      Are though life’s beauty
      But junior ones are easy to acheive
      Duty is a routine, done daily no leave
      Great sacrifices are rare but require courage
      Sometimes are the only ways, no discourage
      Great sacrifices and duty too are facts
      Life is made of little smiles, & kind acts
      Thanks Dr. Panda, for a comment great
      Happy to learn lesson in answer straight.

  2. 3

    Alakaline said,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice thoughts expressed here..

  3. 5

    2zpoint said,

    I don’t know where the phrase comes from but they say it here in Oklahoma a lot. it goes like this:
    We always look forward to the people that we meet …some as they come …and others as they go.
    I always look forward to seeing you come through here! You definitely leave a place better than it was before you came! You have positively given me a smile for the day ! Take care and have a good one for yourself you deserve it !

  4. 6

    Thanks for sharing this quote.
    Certain things are of etrnal value.
    This is one of them
    This is all about blogging is.
    Keep sharing your wisdom with me and my readers.

  5. 7

    Jamie Dedes said,

    This is a wonderful meditation, a perfect post. Thank you!

    It puts me in mind of the medieval (1400s) Christian morality play called The Summoning of Everyman. You might enjoy it. It’s short:

  6. 9

    Jingle said,

    lovely message,
    extended time for late entries,
    thus your entry is in #190 of potluck week 10…

    no rules for potluck, feel free to visit any poets from our list.

  7. 10

    ljm (Amias) said,

    Yes, smiling is the best medicine … for almost any thing.

  8. 12

    Jessica said,

    I like the line about using more muscles to frown! I enjoyed the video too.

  9. 15

    danroberson said,

    Laughter is the best medicine and smiling is a close second. It does wonders for those who see a smile and those who give a smile.

  10. 19

    Kavita said,

    Little joys and smiles contribute towards a life well lived!!
    Very nicely written, doctor… great principles to live by!!

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