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Mood, feeling and emotions are very wide

Mood’s spectrum in this world a great tide

Depressed and maniac live on this earth

Some sense is mandatory, to enjoy its worth

Woman is more emotional between two genders

Man is fighter, tough, need to be less tender

World is moving, because there are emotions

Really differentiates human, from its creations

Bond starts with mother and her fetus in uterus

Mother entering a world different from previous

Man had enjoyed a nice sex and mostly over

Woman has started creating a whistle-blower

The emotions drive this world as it exists today

Though computer is mimicking brain in a way

Being emotionless is like a machine or computer

Living n dead are separated by feelings in nature

Whatever one writes, thinks and express is less

Words have limited capacity, subject marvelous

Sacrifices, selfless service and real duty by person

Are only done by people because there is emotion


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Brick and Mortar

Bricks are a unit of construction

Mortar added, erected a mason

            Bricks are made of many materials

            Stacked, arranged in building aerials

Bricks are laid in a form by God too

 Structures unique n wildest form into

               Computerized fully in details atomic

               Systems complex n highly systematic

These may act as the unit independent

Living bricks are factories magnificent

             Microns a few are size of the sub-units

              Organized in so complex well knit kits

Human constructions are no comparison

Natural bricks and mortar are high artisan

               Yet to match nature by creations of nature

               Natural bricks are clubbed in to a creature

Monumental pieces of engineering are these

Functions complex with nanosecond speeds

               Biological wonders are collections of bricks

                Human beings are a God’s marvelous tricks

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Deepawali is one of many Indian festivals

Celebrated with the lights and joy is ample

It also coincides with harvesting of crops

Community is hence in festive mood lots

Crackers are cracked, enhancing the joy

Lights and fireworks are children’s toy

Sweets and gifts are exchanged in friends

It is spontaneous and continues as trends

Light is victory, leaving the darkness behind

Though lighted visibly, it awakens the mind

The night is when, moonlight is minimal

Lamps, candles n electric lights are joyful

Stories are in plenty, partly region specific

Goodness wins over our bad characteristic

Goddess of money worshipped as Lakshami

Wife of the God which nourishes the humanity

Along with the Goddess of knowledge, Saraswati

Physical power is symbolized by Goddess Parwati

Three Goddesses complete the trio, the ruling power

People worship any or all depending on their nature

One should try to be victorious over one’s evils

Be happy, spread it n certainly defeat thy devils

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Wake Up

What is in reality a world?

It is not what we see in kind

But what we see in our mind

It is not what we see as the dirt

But it is perception of our heart

It is not what lies on earth as theirs

It is  infact what our brain stares

It is not about what whales eat

It is what our brain takes as treat

Stars may be shining in the sky

Your world is feeling felt as thy

Living in past is a useless worry

One can’t change it, make no try

Responsibility one takes, be met

However one may have to sweat

People have to live in their world

Join these all to get a grand guild

Life is for enjoying, live it happily

Don’t trouble others, do it steadily

There is a lot in world what is beautiful

One needs to think and live bountiful

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