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Poverty? Ornaments or Kids Care in mind

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Point of view of a person is all important

Every point has 360 degrees, it’s around

Globe looks different from different stars

Fate decided partly by sun, moon’ n mars

Nobody is poor in this world of diversity

Everybody is deficient in some of quality

Think some one poor, is be-fooling himself

Everybody is confined n lives in his belief

So called poor person, may be having less

Less n more are adjectives, relative stress

Life may be more in years, less in virtues

Poor is paid less, by man, potential statues

Circumstances too are not all controllable

Bravery is living life, amongst the gullible

Financially rich may be mentally depressed

Devoid of money, but happiness possessed

A couple may be having no issues, tried best

Poor with many kids, having an earning’s test

Person is paid according to services rendered

Acquired more from society, be surrendered

No one is there, devoid of desires, or fulfilled

Everybody has a glass, definitely partly filled

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Outstanding Blogger Award

Accepting an award which

I probably was not worthy of

Not accepting it appears insulting

The tradition to promote talent, creativity

Tradition to share the art, views that

Helps in healthy growth of objectivity

No doubt, it is great ritual of a process

Literary art, poetic gems, and access

Available to many rare pieces of thought

Encountered in this way to as many wrote.

Thanks to all who considered anything on this blog worthy of anything to be read or worth awarding.

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Merry Christmas

Festivals of all kind are for festivities

Pleasant mood is created by activities

Happiness doesn’t occur, need creation

Enjoyment needs, its careful distribution

Occasions are related to some of stories

To learn the lessons, n proceed to glories

Living above self is one of usual advice

Difficult! To follow, and there is no vice

Sacrifice is beautiful way, to help  people

Acts should help needy, be nice example

Gifts, presents, new clothing, and the meal

Dances, jokes’ n songs, add to pleasant zeal

Potential target is the brotherhood creation

Reject exploitation, torture and deprivation

Defeat the strongest devil to make live sanity

Everybody should work for helping humanity

Exchange the greetings, keep intentions clear

I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Awards are a great honor to be bestowed

Conviction of the individual is reinforced

Strength of words written, too, increased

Readers’ credibility, plus partly switched

Happiness, the gift to the person awarded

Satisfaction of having fruitful work started

Life is, but a collection of happy moments

One should have as many, like ornaments

Life will move on, any way, beyond control

The way we spend it is in our actual control

Actions should be right as far as is possible

One should not have to repent the horrible

Appreciation of the work if true & available

No pleasure is greater, nothing comparable

Unaware of the rituals of writers and poets

Surgeon is enjoying, flying in air like kites


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Hobbies, Pastimes, and Entertainment

Can bring in life some of contentment

Life may be full of stresses and strains

Sometimes really devoid of any gains

Hobbies can bring the real charm in life

Give the pleasure and take out of strife

Hobby is happiness, real purpose of life

Entertainment increases creative might

Hobby is activity which appeals our heart

Sometimes people take too long to start

Profession gives the money to person

Hobbies fill gaps in efforts cumbersome

One may have to do many odds for living

Hobby appeals and it is great fun in doing

Our brain has its own likes and dislikes

Hobby provide the rope to fly like kites

Chemicals in brain weighing in microns

Create the difference like gem ‘n stones

Stress of life and fun of the pass-times

Two feelings, negative positive rhymes

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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a habit

Dire necessity to smile a bit

One can live in gloom always

Spoil the life! Yours and relatives’

Being happy is a function of mind

One has to nourish this habit of a kind

Thoughts will come as long as one is awake

Every thought affects emotions for affecting sake

Hundred is greater then ninety and less then hundred ten

Focus of mind is decided by us, one can feel happy or burdened

Success and failure are events in life, viewed by us as such

Effort done is important, reward does not matter much

Effort is reward in real sense, one be pretty clear

One learns while working, should be sincere

Failures are pillars of success is very true

Wisdom gathered, is really strong fruit

Why worry? I am a bit confused

Think negatively, mind fused

Life is hell in negative

Joy! Think positive

The poem got crafted while responding to malignant grief-2

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