Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a habit

Dire necessity to smile a bit

One can live in gloom always

Spoil the life! Yours and relatives’

Being happy is a function of mind

One has to nourish this habit of a kind

Thoughts will come as long as one is awake

Every thought affects emotions for affecting sake

Hundred is greater then ninety and less then hundred ten

Focus of mind is decided by us, one can feel happy or burdened

Success and failure are events in life, viewed by us as such

Effort done is important, reward does not matter much

Effort is reward in real sense, one be pretty clear

One learns while working, should be sincere

Failures are pillars of success is very true

Wisdom gathered, is really strong fruit

Why worry? I am a bit confused

Think negatively, mind fused

Life is hell in negative

Joy! Think positive


The poem got crafted while responding to malignant grief-2



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  1. 1

    Sumit Sarkar said,

    positive thinking is one of the greatest weapon humans have…other creatures too…
    It is a very beautiful poem 🙂

  2. 3

    dasuntoucha said,

    Being happy is a function of mind

    …true indeed…love the optimism of this piece.

  3. 5

    deLiderata said,

    joy indeed it is, to be positive….

  4. 7

    lynnaima said,

    Took time but it came out great. I enjoyed the thoughts expressed and the beauty of the presentation. Thanks!

  5. 9

    Short Poems said,

    Lovely piece of writing!
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    All the best
    Marinela x

  6. 11

    Positive thinking indeed and a very positive poem. I liked the quote of Henry Ford; it goes well with the poem.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. 🙂

  7. 13

    Lu Ann said,

    I will! I promise!!! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of this, I really needed it, you know?

  8. 15

    Jingle said,

    awesome message.
    positivity is a cure to many issues.

  9. 17

    Artswebshow said,

    This is a brilliant poem.
    Positive is always stronger than negative.
    How many of us really say that the glass is half empty.
    I enjoyed reading this

  10. 18

    Thanks freind.
    Have a nice day.

  11. 19

    Wysteria said,

    Thanks for giving us a reminder and a push in the right direction!!

    Nicely written and powerful…


  12. 20

    Be positive in your thought,deed and action.
    Yoga and Spirituality augment positive thinking.

  13. 22

    Ramesh Sood said,

    Well done Madan ji.. In many of my writes.. I have always appealed .. LET US PRACTISE HAPPINESS… Yes, one can practise and continue to be in a hapier state of mind.. accepting life’s troubles.. taking all of those in their stride.. very well written this..

    Do visit me through poetry potluck.. I am at Sr. No. 51 & 52..

  14. 26

    Jingle said,

    that’s beautiful words..

    thanks for linking…


  15. 28

    I believe that what we think influences the outcome of what we do. Reminds me a bit of the movie “The Secret.” Thank you.

    My potluck: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2010/12/20/sacrament/

  16. 30

    An important life lesson said here: life IS all about perspective. You’re right. No matter what comes your way, how you see it or how you treat it will determine whether you’ll be happy or not. The glass is either half-empty or half-full, or in your words “Hundred is greater then ninety and less then hundred ten.” Thank you for this great piece of advice in poetry form!

  17. 32

    2zpoint said,

    Positively Doc! you are becoming a pillar to which others can look upon for being positive. it is a habit and I would go so far as to call it a discipline because it is so easy to say something negative and not even realize it…it is hard road to travel but one well worth the effort. A worthy goal for us all!

  18. 34

    jagdish bali said,

    right U are. Positive thinking leads life to peace and equanimity.

  19. 35

    Bravo! Points well made and ones we need to be contantly reminded of. Thanks! 🙂

    Poem on …

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