Awards are a great honor to be bestowed

Conviction of the individual is reinforced

Strength of words written, too, increased

Readers’ credibility, plus partly switched

Happiness, the gift to the person awarded

Satisfaction of having fruitful work started

Life is, but a collection of happy moments

One should have as many, like ornaments

Life will move on, any way, beyond control

The way we spend it is in our actual control

Actions should be right as far as is possible

One should not have to repent the horrible

Appreciation of the work if true & available

No pleasure is greater, nothing comparable

Unaware of the rituals of writers and poets

Surgeon is enjoying, flying in air like kites


on being awarded this award by


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  1. 1

    Dear Dr.Goyal,
    Congratulation on being awarded the perfect poet award @Thursday poets rally week 35 December 17,2010.
    The award will definitely boost your innovative nature of writing poems,very often using medical terms & themes.
    Wish you all the best.

    • 2

      Thanks Dr. Panda for a quick response.

      I was previously awarded promising poets award, which I did not know, how to collect and post on my blog.

      This time I made it to learn how to post it.

      Love to Sara and have a nice day.

  2. 3

    Sumit Sarkar said,

    Great acceptance post…
    I love the rhyme.. 🙂

  3. 5

    Jingle said,


    nominate a poet if you wish,
    have fun!

    lovely poem, perfect post.

  4. 8

    LeiffyV said,

    Fantastic work, well done and easy to get lost in the flow of an award winning offering.

  5. 10

    Scent of my heart said,

    Well deserved award! I like the acceptance with poem! Very nice words!

    I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and to say thank you for the support to Jingle Poetry, with you standing beside us, we are able to continue our efforts by providing the platform for poets who share and encourage…BEST wishes for the year 2011…your poetry has enlightened our community and made us smile.

    Blessings fly your way, Happy Holidays!

    Hope to see you on Sunday Poetry Potluck again, let me know if you have questions..old poems or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome..

    week 15 theme: reflections, interpretations, and musings.

    Take care!

  6. 11

    Congratulations, and thanks for your nomination. Victoria

  7. 13

    Jingle said,


    Happy new Year and Merry Christmas!

    Please feel free to claim any awards from the following links..
    love your support. Thanks for the contribution to potluck poetry,

  8. 14

    2zpoint said,

    You truly are flying high Doc! these words are powerful and they ring the truest truths…. our legacy’s should be a ‘collection of happy moments’. You are shining like a diamond and I am glad to see you achieving the perfect poet award for this piece in particular…In my opinion this one is perfect. Peace be with you Doc and I hope this holiday season is full of ‘happy moments’

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