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Obesity is one of normal looking dangerous disease

Carrying on more weight then body mass index, it is

Eating more calories then spent daily is the culprit

Fat, fatty acids, triglycerides, results of faulty habit

Sedentary life style is another contributor to the rot

One hundred sixty minutes walk, at least weekly slot

Thrice a week walk or exercise is minimal required

Start with comfortable and increase slowly, get tired

Twenty minutes physical work up, recognized by body

Hormones, the chemicals controlling energy, are jolted

Fat is bad fuel and forces glucose to increase in blood

Decreases supply to organs, increased viscosity of blood

Efficiency of body decreased, organ’s ageing is enhanced

Fuel supply in cells be in proper form and not accumulated

Exercise decreases hunger since more blood goes to muscles

Our gut becomes active while eating, absent activity in muscles

It is a vicious cycle of excess eating and less activity in body

It is better avoided to keep ourselves healthy, hale and hearty. 


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    As a Yoga practitioner & medical professional,I would like to stress the positive benefit of practicing asanas and pranayama in reducing obesity in adolescent,adult as well as elderly persons.

    • 2

      Thanks Dr. Panda for prompt response.
      Asnas and pranayama do have a positive role as an comprehensive exercise, breathing exercise and mental development.
      Aim is to spread and amplify awareness about obesity.
      Love to Sara.

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