Road Ahead


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There are many roads laid down ahead

Need the right decision, which instead

If already walking successfully the one

Keep going on same as a moving canon

Success is a journey and not a destination

Being happy too is a road needs discipline

Making life useful for others is one thought

Happiness shared, created and amply taught

Solve problems and train for that many lives

Be productive, creative n enjoy the beehives

Happiness isn’t brought by winning like dons

Nor is it in accumulating currency and stones

Climbing a power tree too is not the happiness

Shining in sky like a star may not be rightness

It is the weakest of individuals’ feeling about us

He should be appreciative of our deeds, himself

Force, thrones, money, knowledge and body thy

All are meant for His creations on earth to shine

Be an asset to the society, currency being pleasure

One should leave this earth better, increase treasure

Work is worship, should not have doubt about that

Indebted we are for many of comforts, clear the stat.


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  1. 1

    In my response to road ahead, as a senior citizen;I pray to Almighty God:
    Give me the strength to grow my compassion for the poor and needy;
    Fulfill my life with generosity and spirituality to serve the mankind.

  2. 3

    Jingle said,

    way to go..

    lovely thoughts on roads ahead.
    well said.


  3. 5

    Wonderful wisdom in this poem…and in the comments. I loved the image. It made me smile from ear to ear.

  4. 7

    cloakedmonk said,

    Work is worship indeed. If we do our calling and not our job, work is worship. Lovely thoughts.

  5. 9

    Hi Madan,

    Very nicely and hopefully expressed.

    Wishing you lots of joy this year.

  6. 11

    Ramesh sood said,

    Be an asset to the society, currency being pleasure

    One should leave this earth better, increase treasure

    I loved these lines … If every one of us understands and implements this life will be a lot better..

  7. 13

    buttercup600 said,

    So much truth and wisdom in your write, loved it!! Happy 2011 with lots of writing too 🙂 oxo

  8. 15

    fiveloaf said,

    good advice doc! here’s my new year potluck-

  9. 17

    Reminds me of my favorite poem, “If” by Rudyard Kipling.
    It is how we travel, not where we are or where we want to go…
    Great one!

  10. 19

    Artswebshow said,

    Your poetry is always inspirational.
    Be an asset to society indeed
    A very wise statement.
    Society is what makes us strong, without it we are nothing

  11. 21

    danroberson said,

    We need discipline to be happy. And once happy and finding success stay on the same path. There is a lot of wisdom in this poem. Thank you.

  12. 23

    tasithoughts said,

    Very life affirming. Thank you for the wisdom. I pondered a lot from it.


  13. 25

    mairmusic said,

    Many true thoughts here!

  14. 27

    short poems said,

    Wisdom thoughts on roads ahead, enjoyed it!

  15. 28

    short poems said,

    Thanks for taking part and trying to find the answer to my riddle.. Yes, it was a Butterfly! Well done 🙂

  16. 29

    Talon said,

    You’ve tucked a lot of wisdom inside this poem. Lovely.

    And the road sign had me laughing out loud!

  17. 31

    ogungbesan20 said,


  18. 33

    jagdish bali said,

    Good one, inspiring too.

  19. 35

    debi said,

    “Success is a journey and not a destination”

    Such simple words and truth. If we live this with a pure heart, all seems to be right.

    I enjoyed.

  20. 37

    Dakshi said,

    well expressed.

    Thanx for visiting me.. 🙂

  21. 39

    yelena m. said,

    Wow, a poem full of wisdom. Adore the perfect flow that you created here, it reads easily but goes deep. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  22. 41

    Beautifully wise and clear. Thank you, Dr. Goyal.

    Jamie –

  23. 43

    Amias said,

    In my youth the roads ahead was a fearful sight, so I blessed myself in servitude … to the young and old. So much so that it left me with no time for self and I grew bitter, still I served because I believed it was the right path for me. Now that I am traveling these road ahead, looking in hindsight I have no regrets except that I had no compassion for self. To old and broken to serve physically, I still do the best I can, but I must say, I do put self first. Is it wrong of me to want joy in my “old” life too?

    I enjoyed these thought provoking words, and appreciate the ones you left at my blog … it gave me pause, and reminded me, that indeed, I am not useless, even old I have something to give.

    • 44

      Enjoying life is everybody’s right and that is life meant for.

      Service has to above self, though self need to be taken care of appropriately. A balance between self and selfless service is must.

      Everybody at every age is useful. Even sick and helpless individual is doing something for the society in providing an opportunity to the people to serve.

      Thanks that you liked the post and comments.

  24. 45

    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!
    Make a contribution to us today, the collection is to be closed within 24 hours.
    Thanks, we value your support. xxx

    so long, how are you? welcome back, your presence is missed.


    • 46

      Poetry was induced by poetic readings.
      Professional and personal engagements are keeping me busy these days.
      Sorry to miss your company.
      Will revert to the mode as soon possible.
      Thanks for the encouragement and PTU

  25. 47

    2zpoint said,

    No truer words said Doc. Every time I step out of my house I encounter at least one or two people that I wish knew these things. I think to myself that its like they are trapped in their own prison believing that they have to work around the clock to make that money. Ive seen some of them 10 years after I noticed them working like this and they look extremely old and unhealthy. I don’t like that kind of life…nothing wrong with working but if its just for money then its just wrong because a person is not really living…such a waste.Excellent work! take care.

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