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Greatest of pleasures in old age is

to see innocent offspring bloom.

Greatest of pleasures in young age

is to have grand parents’ love.

Mutual interaction and need is the

biggest of treasures available in plenty.

Play way is best way to teach and learn,

lot can be transmitted

Transmit whatever we have,

in easy and comprehending way

Let Snigdha gain the edge over her colleagues

and enjoy the lead

She has the advantage of company

of a retired qualified grandparent

You have the challenge of transmitting in play,

as much you can make her imbibe

Edge, confidence, foundation, root strength for self growth

are crucial for anybody

Very few in this world are blessed

with this advantage of company of retired doctor

Let this opportunity not be wasted,

world should see this well en-cashed,

Doctors’, teachers’ minds in old age,

is best environment for the child.


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