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Youthful Happiness










Life is just for enjoying

Be it learning or toying

                 Great, are the ways of  life

                 Some pleasant, full of pride

Childhood wants to grow fast

Elders want their youth to last

                Girls’ jealous boys’ freedom

                 Boys after feminine fiefdom

Seniors complimenting kids lie

Kids reviving them back in life

                 Center of happiness in brain is one

                  Stimuli various converging heaven

Ways to pleasure are lot plenty

Not doing works making guilty

                  Some are focused, others act broad

                  Toddling, walking, running the road

Spread the joy, alleviate pain

That is in world the only gain


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Surgeon’s Handicap

Budding Doctor Glued to Music










Wish I had the time

To ponder in rhyme

From doing the routines

In scene full  of screams

Consoling a sobbing ones few

Rebuking others naughty due

Not interrupted by pain in world

No option but to attend crippled

Injecting medicines in body of others

Taking  toxins  from  body to  gutters

Fever, pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, bleeding

Realities  creating  a pleasure  in  treating

Attending births of  new born babies

Associated even with itch of scabies

Alas dear, ‘galaxial’ poet

Hope I could join the duet

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Sky is limit for dreams


                          Enjoying in great dreams

                          On clouds, in the streams

                          Beautiful world of poems

                          Has created lot of charms

                          Flying hot like the vapors                   

                           Jolly, pleasant  ‘n swapers

                          Car n pet together plying

                          Soothing n home spying

                          Peeping the naughty scenes

                           People of ages and in teens

                           Playing with kids

                           Enjoying the skids

                           Examinations missed

                           Better people  kissed

                           Sometimes frightening

                           Rare muscles tightening

                           Top of world supreme ideas

                           Plays of ego, hurt  ‘n  prides

                           Uncontrolled emotions

                           Vivid strange situations

                           Dirty and pleasant are the scenes alike

                           Woken up from dreams by a mood spike

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Gyan, Karma and Bhakti Yoga

Lord Krishna The Preacher of Gita

The  Gyan Yog has been spelt by various writers as Jnana Yog also. But Gyan Yoga appears to me the right translation of Knowledge in Hindi. 

Karma is required to be done physically. So, all acts, requiring primarily physical execution are dealt in Karma Yog. Though Karma yog requires best mental function too, but here physical work is supreme. They are usually the rulers, fighters, sportsman etc.

 The knowledge part, observation, investigation, inference, discussions, decisions, decision between right or wrong and all acts requiring primarily cerebral functions, are classified under Gyan (Jnana) Yog. They are the teachers and consultants.

Bhakti yog is happiness through emotions or limbic cortex and service. This relates to complete submission on the part of individual to anybody whom he thinks devoted to. He may be God as per person’s own thinking or any individual the person finds devoted to. Here spirit of service is supreme rather than perfection in mental or physical activity. 

Physically or mentally capable persons, in a position to do socially required tasks, doing their work in best possible way, working honestly, truthfully and with a service above self motive, are supposed to pursue Karma Yog or Gyan Yog. These two categories require highest degree of mental or physical perfection and responsibility. They are rulers and teachers in their sphere of activity. 

Third category, I think is for personalities, who can not take to first two paths, because of age or other reasons. This category also provides peace and Moksha to persons who followed first two paths in their prime life and have now retired from these paths. 

Three paths are intimately intermixed to generate various paths with varying percentage of each three. The three paths are suitable for different types of personalities or stages in life.

Moksha is probably the complete satisfaction after which there is no desire to know or achieve physically in life. As per Lord Krishna one can achieve Moksha in all three ways.

 I will welcome  readers’ wisdom to rectify my shortcomings in understanding facts of life.

This piece is in response to  

  • Self-realisation and Self-analysis of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga  by learned Dr. M C Panda
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    Staying Healthy

    Trio! Perfect Recipe for Happiness

    Rainy season is time for increased infections for the people. The frequency of boils and wound infections is more because of high humidity and moderate temperature, which are fit for bacterial growth.

    This season should be a reminder for toning immune system of our body. High fiber diet like brown bread, fresh fruits, clean water and a balanced diet are essential requirements for body to tone up.

    One of very useful ingredient to stay healthy in monsoon is exercise. Exercise gears up all systems of body including the immune system. The benefits of diet are increased manifold with exercise. It boosts proper oxygenation of body by using full capacity of lungs. Increased blood flow helps in supplying proper nutrients to various parts of body.

    Exercise has a positive impact on brain and is good booster psychologically. It helps by releasing positive hormones in the body. It is important for all ages and person should do suitable exercises for his age and body capacity. It is a good mental relaxant.

    Adolescents and adults should focus on high value exercise like aerobics, games like foot ball, hockey etc. Dancing is best for girls, though it mixes pleasure and exercise for both sexes.

    Walking, yoga and light exercises in old age are best mode of rejuvenating body. Having a stroll in park, watching nature and animals play, learning benign methods of being happy from children and animals are a good source of happiness and toning immune system of body.In short, the importance of exercise for our body can not be over emphasized.

    How to stay healthy in monsoon

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    Compare and Enjoy


    Men Will Always be Men!

    Looking for happiness in this world. Best way is to compare and enjoy life. See the eyes of the boy in photograph, who is enjoying some other scene, while the lady wants his attention somewhere else. Center of enjoyment of these two persons, speaks a lot. It is a good scene to be compare the interests of two genders and it is amusing too.

    As per a news report in Times of india today, part of which is, “a pregnant woman in UP has only 1 in 42 chances of survival during and immediately after pregnancy as compared to 1 in 500 for her counterparts in Kerala”.

    Health scene is undoubtedly bad in UP, but definitely can nowhere in this world, be as bad as projected to be, in this report. Though there appears to be some reporting error, but I was amused at the fact that present status is far better. 


    Comparisons are the most useful and funniest things in this world. If we want to talk of doing progress, setting targets for ourselves or want to analyze, than comparisons are the best answers. But these are a great source of amusement too.

    In another comparison, India was placed 78th in best countries’ list. Though methods of study were not clear, but India definitely has more happy people than many of the countries placed above it. Best strategy is to compare a few parameters and make your readers happy.

    According to another report ‘a lady slept with twenty persons in her effort to get pregnant, in England.’  Which is a bad scene? UP or England? In India nobody has yet been reported to do that for getting pregnant. Unmarried mother is another frequent scene in west.

    Organisms are being produced in this world according to natural laws. The organisms react with their environment, live life and get back to the constituents, they were made of. In between they leave many comparisons of sorts. Why should we bother and compare the lives of so many people taking birth and dying.

    Take another life still on this earth. One of the presidents of a very powerful nation was tried for getting perverse sexual pleasures from an intern in office.

    Similarly we can find so much money in India to loot that “Kalmadies” can win largest numbers of Nobel prizes for India.

    So which is poor country?  In which a president needs intern for perversions or in which there are maximum number of ‘Potential Nobel Prize winners?’

    Then compare two persons:

    A person who has responsibility of a country on his shoulders, has to think, execute, contest, bear so much criticism in press or otherwise, face the media persons, win or lose the highest office of his country and 

    a person living a happy retired life, playing with children. 

    Though everybody has to do the job coming his way, but comparisons are a great source of inspiration as well as amusement too. 

  • ‘UP riskiest place for women to give birth’
  • India at 78th spot on Newsweek’s best country list
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    Different gods


    Child is Real God

    As far I have understood religion and spirituality, it is the belief system of our brain, which is important. 

    It is the faith in some supernatural power, which gives us peace as we can depend on some power to help us out of our problems and satisfy our desires.

    Different cultures, circumstances and environments necessitated different stories, heroes and gods to generate examples of widespread service, administration, law and order improvements or some thought process, which in later times came to be regarded as universal truth, power, wisdom, glory or God. 

    All requirements of this universal population of human beings can not be satisfied by a few examples of gods or thoughts. Basic truths are same in all stories, religions, countries and cultures. Variations stem from the stories of actual life happenings of a particular character. The stories and memories of these unusual persons, when mixed with thinking of public and their spiritual faiths turn out in various forms to be recognized as a new God. 

    Ultimately it is this faith which drives us from selfish motives to service above self. It is the emotional bonding or affection of mother, which drives her to do all service to her infant, which no other person in this world can duplicate. Similarly only a spiritually motivated person can rise above selfish interests and do service for service sake. It is here that teachings of Gita become relevant. 

    Different problems were solved by different persons in their unique way. These turned out to be gods in their sphere of problem to set an example for the people to follow. The stories and examples related to that god are the foundations of peace and relaxation in his followers mind. A central or universal answer to all requirements of past, present and future is the God Almighty. Hence we should have faith, since faith is central to all benefits that will flow to us. This faith is the root of all positive drive that is sustaining this earth.

    This piece is a comment to another article by Dr.  M C Panda

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